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09-29-2012, 12:11 PM
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Originally Posted by macavoy View Post
I have a hard time believing it too. But I think he should have taken a lesson in balance, I don't see any tone in his arms, it's like he focused entirely on his abs.

Maybe it's just that I have zero faith in Eller. One positive thing I will say is that I hope playing in some tier 3 euro league against echl type competition will soften his hands.
Having a huge core/abs like this cannot be obtained by training his abs. His huge glutes/quads/core implies he did some heavy squats/deadlifts this summer. These are the exercises that gives you the most strength and power. With that being said, adding that much mass might slow him down or drain his endurance. Anyway, Eller has engaged T-Rex mode and I can't wait to see the results on the ice.

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