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Originally Posted by Chancellor Vitale View Post
Let me do some mansplainin' about NPR. NPR started out as a respectable alternative to the bullcrap reporting quality we get from TV news, especially as related to politics. It is now far-left-leaning, but has always been left in general. That was fine until they screwed up; I don't mind sources that are modestly left of center or modestly right of center.

However I "loss a lotta respet" for NPR when they canned Juan Williams because he dared to debate and associate with Fox among his many other journalistic endeavors. Fox is clearly a joke of a news network (like MSNBC) but the reality is Williams is an excellent reporter and documentarian and was doing the right thing. He was standing up and calmly debating blowhards like O'Reilly without name-calling or sticking to talking points, etc. I think Williams is the only guy that O'Reilly actually showed respect for in turn, because he would listen without dismissing out of hand and following the media script. Interesting when you think about it and how our "tv educators" behave these days.

But the director at NPR would have none of it, and basically threatened him to stop dealing with Fox, or lose his job. He stood on principle, and lost his job.

Read the book Muzzled. It gives about 10 or 15 pages (small pages) on how it all transpired, why he refused to stop dealing with Fox and idiots like O'Reilly and Hannity, and on some of his other accomplishments as a writer which speak for themselves and prove he's not some mouthpiece. The rest of the book is dedicated to something very important: reviving a spirit of real political debate in this country that has been killed by the cable media most notably. Debating without divisiveness and spin, and improving the quality of all our votes and understanding as a consequence.

And that's sort of the point. NPR has now joined the mouthpiece parade you see on cable news and network news, and it's a shame.

Want good news / coverage: NYT for anything not tied to a political race; BBC online for daily news (even better at covering US stories than US outlets); Economist for serious understanding of political issues and economics / business. You can learn a ton and without the obscene right-leaning of the WSJ or left-leaning of other outlets. They are conservative but intelligently so.
appreciate the in depth response Chancellor.

i'd agree that the NYT is great on the whole but i too am a bit weary of their political reportage, same goes for their book coverage (Michiko Kakutani, 'nuff said).

Foreign Affairs is great (at least when they're not kissing Zbigniew Brzezinski's ass).

i'd say that there exists a legitimate, albeit far more rare, criticism of NPR from the left.

i read Chris Matthews' book The Power Game back in high school and it had a profound influence on my understanding of politics and my respect for the role of the journalist in the political realm. the shrill haggard hack who now shows up on MSNBC cannot be the man who so inspired me while taking AP Government.

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