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09-29-2012, 01:53 PM
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And, well, some players in the Sharks’ makeshift locker room seem to get that. Boyle was asked directly if the players would be willing to give back on some of those demands from the owners and Gary Bettman.

“I think so. I think there is definitely room to move on all those things,” Boyle said.

So long as that doesn’t involve a pay cut, though.

“The sticking point is the guys do not…the contracts that we’ve all signed, we don’t want to give back on that,” Boyle said.

“If two or three years ago into my six-year deal I said, ‘hey, I want more,’ I wouldn’t have gotten more. That’s not right. You sign your name, and put your name on the bottom line and they put their name on the bottom line. You see it through. I think that’s the sticking point.”

This says it all. The owners back off their immediate money grab and there will be a season starting in October. 20% escrow.

The owners are being disingenious here. If they signed players this summer and before September 15 thinking the players would lose 20% of that money in escrow,then they're complete and total frauds.

The owners signed those contracts.

Put a cap of 5% on escrow as Brooks proposed. The players lost 3% of their salaries to escrow in the 2005 CBA. The NBA has a cap of 10% on escrow. The NFL cap system doesn't have escrow.

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