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Originally Posted by Andy Dufresne View Post
Not really a huge +- fan, or at least the way some fans use it to 'prove' how good random players are, but Pulock is +10 after 4 games, next best league wide is +7. He's also leading the league in scoring (tied), that is one bad ass start to the season for him. Possibly the best start for any of the top guys this draft year? (In any league)

I wonder if he can play his way into Jones' stratosphere? Considering they're both late 94' born (3 days apart actually) WHL'ers i think the comparisons between them might be inevitable. I agree with anyone who thinks Jones deserves a grace period as a WHL rookie, and stats aren't everything, and there's no way Pulock keep can up this pace...but it is possible that Pulock has taken his game to another level.

It's possible he has taken his game up a notch, he put on a good 6-10lbs of good muscle this summer and trained hard....another year of WHL experience has helped of course. What I think is going to help him a lot is the amount he will be depended on for scoring. Wheat Kings do not have any big name threats up front, their D is faily Pulock may be put out there to offer more punch for offense.

All in all, this pace can't be continued, but he can lead the league this year as a Dman and hopefully play his way up the draft!

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