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Originally Posted by ForSpareParts View Post
are you going to list every prospect that ever had a chance with the leafs going back to the 60's?

trade bait?
draft position?
power forward?
playing well in the AHL?
fresh start?

there's no concrete answers. subjectivity has a play in it. sometimes expectations, contracts, positional fit, etc. i cannot answer why armstrong bumped Kadri last year when he returned from injury. maybe to help along the boards? i don't know. why is komi getting so much ice time? i couldn't say. his contract dictates it i guess. i wish we could have a better gauge. like say what Deschamps does with his call up. does he play his defensive game well, will he block shots, will he provide some scoring and hard work on the PK? we don't know yet. i say he'll get that shot sooner than later (if we have a season). i'm sure that RC & BB will not be able to ignore his momentum. there are plenty of question marks with our checking, 3rd line, and PK. i hope he gets a shot.
What? 60's? Last I recall these prospect/players are those who are playing with the Marlies in the 70's oh wait...2012. Don't try to stray from the point. You clearly indicated draft position could be a possible reason, I approached my answer based on that. Neither of the players I listed are high first round picks, only first rounder there is Ashton (30th overall from 2008 I believe)

You are describing Deshamp as a competition for Kadri, which is good in some sort of sense, as it's always healthy to have in-team competition. At times touting this guy to be better than Kadri is sort of biased though. It's a bit unfair to the prospect himself when you are comparing skill level of a good player between a very good player. As for Deschamp's defensive game/transition to the NHL, yes no one will know truly if he can pull it off. However he does what is required for a guy his size, and skill. He plays good defense, has a bit of a edge to his game, excellent speed and will to use the body effectively to protect the puck. All while having good skill to boot, which is something we would ideally want from MacArthur, who I have always made comparisons too. However the climb for him to get to the third line is a lot harder than it is for Kadri due to his skill. Body and roughness wise, Frattin and Ashton has way more of an edge.

It's great to support a prospect or a player but you should't blindly do it.

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