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Originally Posted by jordan7hm View Post
General beer chat:
Of the recent seasonals the pumpkin ale Nightmare on Mill Street has gotta be my favorite. Massive pumpkin (nutmeg) flavour. Price for value the Grand River Brewing Highballer Pumpkin Ale is pretty good too. I'm lukewarm on the Beau's seasonal (starts with an N, can't remember the name), and the Muskoka seasonal didn't blow me away either. The GLB 2012 Saison was good, I think I may pick up a couple bottles to cellar. Black Creek Pumpkin ale tasted a tad watery to me. Mill St Oktoberfest is a bit malty for my tastes. Anything else in the Ottawa market I've missed?
I picked up at the LCBO today the following beers - St Ambroise Pumpkin, Southern Tier Pumking, and Amsterdam Boneshaker (not a seasonal but it's the first time I've seen it).

The craft beer fest was pretty good. Lots of different types of participants. I think the guy you're responding to makes a good point though. A lot of the craft beer in the LCBO and beer store is priced high relative to the improvement in quality above the mass market stuff. Paying an extra 5-6$ for a minor improvement in quality doesn't make a lot of sense, but that's how these companies push their beer - they focus on the fairly generic product like Big Rig Gold. Tastes are what they are though; if it works, whatever. As long as I can still buy their stout and their seasonals, I'm happy.
Craft beer isn't typically cheap anywhere. In the US you might get it for a little over a buck a bottle but even in Quebec, which has the cheapest beer prices in Canada, the craft beers (except for Unibroue) aren't any cheaper than they are in Ontario.

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