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Originally Posted by Exit Dose View Post
These are good recommendations. I'd add Foreign Affairs for in depth coverage of international politics.

While I'm out of lurk mode, you guys shouldn't be sweating Marcantuoni's offensive drought. He's looked great in spite of not registering on the score sheet.

*throws down smoke bomb and disappears in a puff of smoke*
A) Macaroni will be Legend when it's all said and done.

B) Foreign Affairs is very good but be aware it is not journalism; those articles amount to very long-form editorials. Well researched editorials but they always have agendas. Usually with big issues, the publication will post one from each side in a given edition. Example: they might have one 20 page article on why intervening in Syria is a bad idea, and one that explains why it's a good idea. You can certainly learn a lot but they are editorial nonetheless.

Originally Posted by DegenX View Post
Where do you rank Al Jazeera? Personally, I like it better than BBC on line. Do you use any aggregators?
Al Jazeera actually does a good job on international stories as far as TV news. What I don't like about Al Jazeera is that they have some "Firing Line" type talk shows that are heinously biased. They will for example, throw 3 academics and a former general on a panel and talk about the Iraq war. Guess where that's going. But for their actual journalistic coverage, it's not bad.

As with the NYT, I stay away from political commentary with Al Jazeera and just stick to news reporting type stories.

Originally Posted by Lost in Crafton View Post
appreciate the in depth response Chancellor.

i'd agree that the NYT is great on the whole but i too am a bit weary of their political reportage
Yep, as mentioned NYT is too far left-leaning to be relied upon for political analysis during election season especially. The same is true in teh other direction for the WSJ. For general business, national events, technology, health (not related to legislation), the NYT is still "the paper of record." It's the best newspaper in the country still but they have slipped a little the last 15 years or so, hiring too many left-wing editorialists and such. Probably cyclic. In 20 years that might not be true any longer.

MSNBC: Matthews has fallen a long, long way. It's sad.

I have little more respect for MSNBC than I do Fox, because they have stooped to Fox' level, but in the other direction. About the only thing I can say for them is they got rid of Olbermann who is an insufferable *******. Talk about a guy who wastes his intelligence on the circus. The only guy I like on that network is the one who is on 8am weekend mornings (Chris Hayes). He's definitely liberal but he's very smart, fair-minded when asking questions, and does call out mistakes of liberals fairing often. Not just a GOP basher like most of the other MSNBC commentators.

Shows like Morning Joe piss me off no end. I hate the format in general. It ruins political discussion and makes people less informed for watching it. Here we have a bunch of supposed serious news commentators and they sit there with dickheads like Donny Deutsch (advertising mogul last I read), talking about last night's Knicks game, the latest PR piece for whichever author they're plugging, and the usual coverage of how politicians perform on TV. Makes me sick but I guess it's better than crap like GMA and Today Show, which should just be called what they are: variety shows... and kill all aspects of attempted "reporting" which is a total joke the way they do it.

Americans have become used to the idea that news people are entertainers and it's producing some very scary results for anyone who understands the linkage between a free press and the Constitution of the United States and the role it is supposed to serve. Something like 2500 major news outlets... are now owned by 4 entertainment companies / conglomerates.

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