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09-29-2012, 03:36 PM
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Originally Posted by TheStinger View Post
My Flex spot has come down to either Michael Crabtree or Willis McGahee.

Is McGahee fit to play?
By all indications McGahee will play.

Originally Posted by Tuggy View Post
I need to pick 3 out of this group (deep league):

Ridley @ Buf
Greene vs SF
Deangelo Williams @ Atl
Andre Brown @ Phi
Titus Young vs Min
Fred Jackson vs NE
Davone Bess @ Ari
Jackie Battle @ KC

Right now I'm going with Ridley, Greene and Williams. I'm going to wait and see on Jackson's status and I might replace Greene with him.
Jackson will play this Sunday, but how much is uncertain. Probably also depends on if Spiller will play.

Ridley is probably a good choice, but he has a tough matchup--the only real yardage the Bills have given up on the ground was in garbage time in weeks 1 and 2. But at least you know Ridley, Greene, and Williams will get touches.

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