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Originally Posted by TieClark View Post
Your rink is an exemption then. Most rinks have a small pro shop where you get 2-4 staff members normally working alone or sometimes with 2 at busy times and it's typically high school kids or college/university kids using it as a part time job. It's identical to a sport chek or pro hockey life. I mentioned to stay away from Canadian Tire because they usually don't have a "skate sharpener" but rather a guy that knows how but doesn't do it all that often.

The turn over rate is high because you don't get paid enough to make a living out of working out of a pro shop (or skate shop as you put it) unless you have some kind of interest in the shop (ie. an owner)
Actually, I've been in quite a few similar to what I described. Too bad it's not like that in your experience. Doesn't mean it's 'not true' or 'lol'.

Anyway, to the OP, I think the consensus overall is to try to find a place where the staff is experienced, no matter where it is, how big it is or what it's called.

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