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09-29-2012, 04:06 PM
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One documentary and one book that don't get the attention they deserve

The documentary: CBC's The New Ice Age: A Year in the Life of the NHL

I thought this was ****ing brilliant, and I'd love to see the concept re-visited. A top-to-bottom 'behind the scenes' examination of the NHL from the boardroom, to the draft floor, to training camp.

Its funny how it kind of came out and then kind of disappeared from popular memory and popular conversation. Personally, this is far more interesting to me than finding out what Alex Ovechkin's house looks like on the much more famous 24/7.

You can watch the first part here:

The book: Roy MacGregor's Road Games: A Year in the Life of the NHL

Coincidentally, follows the same idea: following the NHL through the 1992-93 season, but this focuses more on the storylines and controversies that arise throughout the regular season and playoffs. 1993 was a pretty eventful year with Lemieux's battle with cancer, a big influx of European stars, the Dan Quinn sexual assault scandal, and Lindros. Very compelling, and well-written. I've always thought it should be considered one of the real classics of hockey writing, but I'm not sure its remembered at all.

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