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Originally Posted by frankthetank91 View Post
Oh really my post is uneducated? Where should we start..

MPS is better because he played a full season? Different management equals different opportunities, do you think if Kadri played for the Oilers he wouldn't of had more opportunity by now? Plus with Yakupov and a healthy Hemsky, MPS is going to have a tough time sticking.

Kadri has a bad attitude/worth ethic? Please, you know this how? Did you coach him? Know him on a personal level? Or are you basing it off **** you read on a forum? Any rumours that Kadri has a bad attitude is all bull-**** fabricated by Leaf haters.

As of right now yes Kadri is better then de Haan who's played what 1 game? Maybe with Ellis I was a bit harsh, if anything it can go either way with them, my apologies on that one.

Other then that players in his draft class that are better then Kadri were drafted way out of range that it is not even fair to judge on. I mean i'd trade Kadri for O'Reilly who was drafted in the 2nd round but i'm sure every GM who had the chance would take him earlier.
MPS is better because 1) He got more points 2) hes a bigger body who plays a good defensive style 3) he stuck in the nhl

Pick 2 of the 3

He has a bad attitude because he gets called out by management ( Eakins and Wilson both called him out) and cant come to training camp in good shape

source to Wilson :

7th sentence down, this summarizes their history. I dont have time to find all quotes by wilson

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