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Originally Posted by topchowda View Post
Nazem Kadri meet Rob Schremp:

Rob Schremp:

OHL 1: 69 pts
OHL 2: 90 pts
OHL 3: 145 pts

AHL 1: 69 games, 53 points
NHL 1: 1 Game 0 points

AHL 2: 78 games,76 points
NHL 2: 3 games 0 Pts
NHL 3: 4 games, 3 pts

Nazem Kadri:

OHL 1: 65 points
OHL 2: 78 points
OHL 3: 105 points

AHL 1: 44 games, 41 points
NHL 1: 1 game, 0 points

NHL 2: 29 games, 9 points
NHL 3: 21 games, 7 points

AHL 2: 48 games, 40 points
In fairness, Robbie Schremp could still be a 40 point guy in the NHL. He just went to Europe because nowadays teams don't really bother with 3rd line 40 point producers and those guys earn way more in Europe.

I think at worst Kadri will be that 40 point guy. His play-making (at the NHL level) based on some of the thing he did last season are a mile ahead of Schremp.

However to the person who said Kadri > Ellis....I dunno about that. Ryan Ellis still has a ways to go in his game but his offensive abilities have only gotten better and he's still stands out as one of the best young offensive dmen in the game. I think he'll actually end up being better than Ryan Murphy as well. It's just that he went to Nashville, they don't exactly develop dmen at a fast pace.

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