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Originally Posted by Jamin View Post
-Well a bunch of teams passed on Lucic, he would easily be a first rounder if scouting was an exact science. Reasoner and a 2nd was worth the cup run to my life experiences imo

-Bergeron sucks and Grebs was decent, if his qualifying offer wasnt so high Nashville would have re-signed him and if it wasnt for Pat Quinn him and Lubo would still be on the team.

-Complaining about Lupul having a good season in Toronto is one of the dumbest things Ive heard, wow we traded him in 2007 and 5 years later he finally lived up to potential. Pitkanen is a good dman, shame he is a headcase, if he played like he does in Carolina id be happy with that trade.

-Not signing Glencross is unforgiveable and one of Lowe's worst decisions but the trade itself was good

-Lubo was a bad trade because he never wanted to be here. Having said that if Lowe had filled the hole Stoll's departure created (or just kept Reasoner instead of letting him go as UFA) it would have been a good trade. Its with hindsight it looks bad and me thinks if LA doesnt win the cup its probably not included. An elite player like Lubo is worth a third pairing dman and third line center, its the roster managment that was the problem.

-POS was god awful but at the time oiler fans were jacked to have him. Id say turning a primo asset like Pitkanen into only Erik Cole was way worse asset managment then trading cole away was

I was one of the oiler fans who was jacked to get POS but like the other teams found out why teams dumped him.

As for Pitkanen, I believe flyer fans can voice their opinion here, but Pitkanen's head was not screwed on straight and atleast twice in Edmonton he went to the coaches saying he could not play and he was not injured.

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