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This is what happens when I have too much time on my hands and a silly idea...

I have a new favorite means of determining the draft order: Descending order by the earliest year your market had NHL (or NHA) hockey.

Tiebreakers, in descending order of importance:
  • Origin year of your current franchise (if different)
  • Origin year of your market's non-NHL/NHA pro league predecessor (if any)
  • Origin year of your current NHL/NHA franchise from when it was founded in another city (if applicable, because I needed something for Dallas)
  • Origin year of the franchise that provided your franchise's initial roster (because I needed to make a distinction between Chicago and Detroit somehow).

Resulting order:
#1: Columbus (2000)
#2: Nashville (1998)
#3: Carolina (1997)
#4: Phoenix (1996)
#5: Anaheim (1993; current franchise)
#6: Florida (1993; 1971 prior franchise in WHA "Screaming Eagles"*)
#7: Dallas (1993; 1967 origin year of franchise)
#8: Tampa Bay (1992)
#9: New Jersey (1981)
#10: Calgary (1980)
#11: Winnipeg (1979 as the Jets; 2011 current franchise year)
#12: Edmonton (1979; current franchise)
#13: Colorado (1976 as the Rockies)
#14: Washington (1974)
#15: Buffalo (1972; current franchise)
#16: New York Islanders (1972; 1972 concurrent franchise in WHA "Raiders")**
#17: Vancouver (1972; 1911 prior franchise in PCHA "Millionaires")
#18: Minnesota (1967 as the North Stars; 2000 current franchise year)
#19: San Jose (1967 as the Seals; 1991 current franchise year)
#20: Los Angeles (1967; current franchise)
#21: St. Louis (1934 as the Eagles; 1967 current franchise year)
#22: Philadelphia (1930 as the Quakers; 1967 current franchise year)
#23: Chicago (1926; 1925 roster-providing franchise in WCHL "Portland Rosebuds")
#24: Detroit (1926; 1919 roster-providing franchise in WCHL "Victoria Aristocrats/Cougars")
#25: Pittsburgh (1925 as the Pirates; 1967 current franchise year)
#26: New York Rangers (1925 as the Americans; 1926 current franchise year)
#27: Boston (1924)
#28: Toronto (1912 as the Blueshirts AND concurrently the Tecumsehs; 1917 current franchise year)
#29: Ottawa (1909 as the Ottawa HC "Silver Seven"; 1992 current franchise year)
#30: Montreal (1909; current franchise)***

*: Yes, I'm aware the Screaming Eagles never actually played a game. I needed something to go by.

**: Technically, the Raiders actually played in Madison Square Garden! But I desperately needed a tiebreaker, and they WERE originally founded with the intention of playing on Long Island. The Americans wouldn't have worked; they also played in MSG.

***: Technically, this is "1909 as the Wanderers AND concurrently as Les Canadiens AND concurrently as the Shamrocks; 1910 current franchise year" (due to a bizarre historical quirk of how the Canadiens franchise sale was done - they got all the players from the roster of Les Canadiens and the actual franchise rights from Haileybury, so technically it's a relocation), but Montreal claims 1909 as the origin date (and the history of the Les Canadiens franchise) and it's close enough to the truth that I'm not going to push it. Besides, it doesn't change the draft order one bit.

Although I think Sens fans may want to burn me in effigy...

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