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Originally Posted by Captain Saku View Post
How are you managing your budget? Are you buying players or just getting players on loan and sign free agents and hope to recruit good young players in the academy?

But even if you find good free agents my weekly wage budget doesn't allow me to hire them, it's too low, even after I do some balancing between the budget and the wages it's too low. They initially gave me 1.4 millions to buy players and only 6,000 in weekly wages. I cant do much with that.
Career modes are a marathon, so in all of my manager modes, I sell every single player I have that is over 32 years old. I prefer buying Young (19-21 years old) and working through. But don't buy too low overalls. If you play with Big clubs, your young players have to have high overalls. In the case of the Impact, I got these two young 18 years old players, but they were better than most of the Starting XI Players, so they could play right away. If you play with Barca though, you gota get young players in their mid/low 80s (Ex.Eriksen/Gotze/Wilshere)

First season I sold MDV, Nesta & Ferrari early on, bought two young prospects (17 or 18 yrs old, not sure---Ward-Prowse & Vihena ). In my second season, I got lucky a 3,4Million (Euros) Budget, used it to buy a GK in mid/low 70s and centerbacks

Also play Neagle, Nyassi & Iapichino, they all grow quickly

** I normally Simulate the first season with lower club teams after buying prospects to get their overalls up, then I start playing the second season**

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