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09-29-2012, 10:35 PM
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Originally Posted by WhiskeySeven View Post
Contrary to popular belief, Yannick Weber and your wrestling buddy () would get their ass beat if it were say, arm wrestling or straight fighting against Ronnie. More muscles almost always equals more power.

Doesn't mean technique or anything is involved but there is a very direct correlation between JACKEDNESS and the amount of POWER (force over distance over time) the muscle can exert. More muscle fibers create more tension (or whatever it's called) and can essentially do more, and quicker because there are more of them to do the work.

I don't really care to define "strength" because we all have a bro who is totally gonna kick another bro's butt at something because even though the first bro is a bit smaller he knows all sorts of moves, bro. Strength is relative, Ronnie can't power-skate as well as Yannick Weber can - and it's alright. But larger muscles can exert more power and it is very simple. Ronnie can bench more than Weber can, isn't that a direct measurement of strength anyway?

(Broscience does suck and I'm totally ready to accept if I'm wrong; though I'm almost certain I studied this in bio class when an actual bro asked this very question)
Trust me, my wrestling buddy can lift way more than the Ronnie look-alike. The man powerlifts a stupid amount of weight. His core and legs are insanely strong, which will give you an advantage in a fight, technique aside, it has a lot to do with equilibrium, balance, and strength... leverage etc.

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