Thread: Confirmed with Link: Houston to hold training camp in St. Paul
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09-29-2012, 11:48 PM
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Finishing my thoughts now that I'm not typing on an iPhone.

Phillips was my #1 star, without a doubt. Any questions about his skating can be completely ignored in my opinion. He played a really strong two-way game and back-checked like a beast. A year in Houston will do him a lot of good, it seemed like he had just a tad bit of a hard time adjusting to the speed of the good D he was up against.

#2 would be Larsson. Same scenario, really smart player, really good positioning. Really impressed with his two-way game. His line was arguably the best there, at the absolute least, they lead the way in offensive zone time.

#3 is Brodin. Him and Scandella were great together. The only reason I'm not talking up Scandalla is because he should've done well here, and he impressed me quite a bit. Brodin though... Man, I can't wait to see him breaking out of our zone for the next 10 years... The guy skates like he was born with skates on, his vision is really, REALLY impressive and he's not completely inept on offense. A year in Houston, hopefully with a lot of PP time, will do wonders. His natural skill for the game really lead me to believe that he can become an offensively talented player as well. Maybe not the kind of guy who anchors the PP on his own, but he will be a guy that you want out there as much as he can handle.

#4 is Zucker. The man among boys line came up more than a couple times. He's got an NHL shot (his first shootout attempt was just dirty). He's got good instincts and good positioning. If he can handle the physical rigors of the high-speed game he plays, he should fit nicely in a top-6 roll.

I'm going to stop at 4 for some reason, and just start sharing random thoughts.

With the exception of his one pass, Coyle did absolutely nothing to change my lack of excitement about him. He just didn't seem to be where he needed to be at any point throughout the game. Obviously he's not going to be a physical force in a scrimmage, but he was nearly invisible to me for nearly the entire night.

Granlund looked good, but I got the impression he wasn't really putting in a ton of effort. He made some really nifty passes, and had a few good chances, but he didn't wow me at all. Good vision, good hands.

Hackett looked solid, didn't look like he was frazzled at all with the really unorganized play coming at him, followed everything well. I didn't really get a good look at any of the other goalies.

Bulmer stood out for a couple of good shots he gave, and took. But didn't really stand out otherwise.

That's most of what I remember. I walked right past basically the entire Wild front office, too. Fletcher, Yeo, CL, Darby and I think there were one or two other faces that I couldn't put names to. I'm wishing I had tried to get a handshake or two, but, oh well.

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