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09-29-2012, 11:54 PM
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Originally Posted by DJN21 View Post
I personally never said Moulson was a couple year wonder nor did i say we make good trade partners and you're debating with me...

Im simply saying that comparing the two is dumb because Vanek's track record predates and cant compare with anything Moulson has done...Vanek hasn't had a center of tavares ever...and still he averages 33. It also came out after the season finished vanek was playing with a broke foot last year for months which diminished his ability as seen in his second half scoring(though I dont believe in excuses like that.) The year before last roy missed half the year...Ruff's an idiot...put Vanek in the right situation and its crazy to talk about this...

I mean if u wanna poll people on Moulson vs Vanek...go for is elite one isnt..people who watch the game know this, comparing salaries is stupid (especially when you throw statements around like idc what so and so makes), then why bring it up?

Does a poll matter? Will Moulson and Vanek score any less or any more because fans say Vanek has the better skillset?

Isles love not only Moulson's production the last 3 seasons, but also his team friendly contract.

It's nice that the Sabres are cool with paying Vanek $7.1m per.

The isles would not want to.

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