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/// DING DING \\\ HF League - GM PS3* [Part 2] Please use EA forum - post 994.

Please begin talks/rants/game stuff here - as other thread is almost done. Thanks Guys.

Here is the repost of the VERY first post (op):
**** NHL 13 For the PLAYSTATION 3 - PS3 ****

Here is a really good over-view of what this is about: I strongly recommend you guys read these!!!

EAST Team Ranking/Rating
WEST Team Ranking/Rating

It's essentially BE A GM Mode online. We can have our own league online and play against eachother. Everyone can control an NHL team.

You can have a number of people on your team. For example it can be just you running everything, or you can have friends or other people be on your team and one person can be the GM, the other the coach, you can have multiple users playing on the ice so it's like OTP. I will be the commissioner of the league since I'm starting this. You should be able to trust me, I will be active. If teams are in order trades can be proposed prior to start of season.

ONWARD--->Important: PLEASE take the time to READ this

Please please please be committed. Try to play as many games as you can or else it will be simulated or the PC will play for you. Don't even think about joining if you can't be active or will quit if you don't do well. This can be really fun and exciting if everybody is committed.

-> 7 minute periods
-> We can put the difficulty to a vote, but I was thinking that superstar would be optimal.
-> Roster will be used from the game - NOT a fantasy draft.
-> USER vs. USER only (unless both sides agree to coach v. coach) if teams are lagging, I'll sim, this is NOT what I want to do, I want everyone to be involved and have a laugh!
-> Please add one another on your PSN prior to playing the games.


Once teams have been completely filled (the number of teams full @ 25), players may begin discussing trades and post their trading blocks/team needs (this will be done in a new topic). All trades will be reviewed by myself (via PMs sent by both GMs) before being confirmed, simply for the prevention of cheating (i.e., one team trading a couple of AHLers to another team for a star player). In the case that two players are suspected of abusing trades in this manner, a league wide vote will be called regarding whether the trade should be allowed to go through and the possibility of the two GMs being kicked from the league will be brought up. In other words, play fair and you should be fine. Know that if you do make a trade before the game is out, you are expected to follow through with it after the game is released; if you make a trade now and do not follow through with it when the game comes out, you will be kicked from the league (unless both GMs give their consent to cancel the trade). Please make note of contract limits, cap space and what picks you have available to trade when making trades. Also if a GM quits the league prior to start date planned - has a trade in place- the trade will be null and void allowing another GM to step in and take control on that said team with the roster untouched.***********

League Play Times:
A four day period will be given to play two weeks of the NHL schedule before we sim to the next two weeks (If this is not long enough, we can put it to a vote to increase it to 5 days). This will allow us to play more seasons: 4 day rotation (5 seasons) or we could go less days in between - 3 day rotation (7 seasons) - heck we could even just follow the ACTUAL NHL sched this season, but I think in being a GM it'd be VERY cool to make trades, draft, sign FA's - etc..... Thus, we need active GM's. So we use this forum and co-ordinate with one another to see who is playing who, very easy to follow if you are ACTIVE. Having said that - you can choose to SIM if both teams/GM's say, yes. But please refer back to what is in bold and coloured above.

Start Date:
SEPTEMBER 28th - this is a full 17 days after the games release and then our league launch will go. We can start earlier if everyone has the game.

-->So, please, join and state which team you would like to control and your PSN!!<--

Let's get the ball rolling shall we.

Anaheim Ducks - PSN: SwollenGoat68----------- HF name: SwollenGoat
Boston Bruins - PSN: flyersphan20---------------HF name: flyersphan20
Buffalo Sabres - PSN: Maineri----------------------HF name: KaZziT
Calgary Flames - PSN: hassasin11 --------------------------Hf Name: Security Guard Chang
Carolina Hurricanes - PSN: TheAppler -----------------------HF name: Quack
Chicago Blackhawks - PSN: RubenBlades--------HF name: same PLEASE REPORT TO THREAD
Colorado Avalanche - PSN: Scuba_Don----------HF name: Hollywood Couturier
Columbus Blue Jackets - PSN: Drizz81-----------HF name: TheDrizzle81
Dallas Stars - PSN: jessehockey------------------HF name: MarkusNaslund19
Detroit Red Wings - PSN: ClownBaby166-----------------HF name: Girouxtiful
Edmonton Oilers - PSN: Atament----------------HF name: same[
Florida Panthers - PSN: Straelofe----------------HF name: Schneids
Los Angeles Kings - PSN: tlkamps----------------HF name: same
Minnesota Wild - PSN: Cool-Hand-Will-----------HF name: JohnEdrama
Montreal Canadiens - PSN: CK AiR LeGeNd -----HF name: CKpsu330
Nashville Predators - PSN: VeryEvilAsh-----------HF name: EvilAsh
New Jersey Devils -Psn: Bomalight----------------HF name: BomaLightDevils
New Rork Islanders - PSN: Baddogj
New York Rangers - PSN: krabby_pants----------HF name: leclair1088
Ottawa Senators - PSN: Sting004----------------HF name: Sting
Philadelphia Flyers - PSN: dingbathero-----------HF name: same
Phoenix Coyotes - PSN: ziotree--------------------HF name: same
Pittsburgh Penguins - PSN: swic19----------------HF name: Swic21
Saint Louis Blues - PSN: criittt---------------------HF name: Baby Face Trilla
San Jose Sharks - PSN: Huss5434----------------Hf name: Huss5434
Tampa Bay Lightning - psn: paper_shoes----------- Hf Name:papershoes
Toronto Maple Leafs - PSN: inferno94---------------HF name: Dougie27seguin19 PLEASE REPORT TO THREAD
Vancouver Canucks - PSN: iconicstatue-------------HF name: Philly89
Washington Capitals - PSN: Prophecy24-----------HF name: flyersfromquebec
Winnipeg Jets - PSN: BiigTuna-------------------- HF name: LarsEller

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