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09-30-2012, 09:20 AM
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Originally Posted by crazyhawk View Post
I'm only saying that the Sharks have been in a position to win it all for so many years now and have come up empty time after time after time. This lends me to question the core, the chemisty etc of the team. I agree with you that they are not a particularly old team but perhaps it may be time to consider a new culture on the team and for that I would think that Thorton and Marleau have to be two key players to consider trading. A new captain, a new culture and then perhaps a winning team.
It's also the same team that has won a lot of playoff series relative to other teams the past few seasons. A change for the sake of change is not how you win in this league. There has to be a legit reason and a vision behind it. If you move Marleau and Thornton, who are your leaders for the next generation of players? Pavs or Couture? I don't know that one can argue their leadership skills are even equal to Thornton or Marleau's much less better. You're not going to get anyone via trade or free agency to fill that spot either. That team minus those two and probably Boyle are guaranteed cellar-dwellers and that's not what the owners want. And stockpiling draft picks doesn't make it any better because that doesn't help them in the immediate future.

They will not make a change like that until this core bottoms out and misses the playoffs. They are likely not one of the elite teams anymore. But right now, they're a 4th to 7th place team that is probably going to make the playoffs and there's at least a chance in winning it all there.

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