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09-30-2012, 10:47 AM
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Originally Posted by cishockeyfan View Post
I'm not convinced on Troy Ryan yet. as a Coach and Person I am great Guy, smart guy and obviously had the team doing better than expected last season with the talent he was giving and the Tommies more disciplined than they have been in years.

But as a Recruiter??? With the key loses STU has from last Years Team, What has Troy Ryan brought in this season to not just improve the team but to even replace the departed? While the names he has brought in are good, their isn't enough of them. Look around the AUS and see what other teams have picked up, it seems the Tommies are further behind the ball this year than they were last year.

Im not saying this as a STU Hater, Im saying this as being realistic and a Hockey fan of the AUS who would like nothing more to see STU get back in the Playoffs.

Can someone sum up for me Players that are done with STU from last year and who has been brought in, maybe im plain wrong and just not seeing it on paper in front of me.

Im excited for STU to get into their new Rink, excited about the possibilities, its one thing todrag on the Eagles Legacy forever, but lets not praise Troy Ryan yet. After All Mike Eagles was named as coach of the year his first season for his turn around in the Tommies
I have avoided this subject for a while but here you go FWIW.

We graduated, Bard Gallant and Jordan Scott up front. Matt Eagles is still on the books but will not play. We added Colin Martin from London and if he keeps his nose clean Alexander Leduc, who formerly played for Moncton.

On D we graduated Andrew Andrcopoulos and Bryan Main. Chris Van Laren decided to stay home in Kingston. The story told to me was Chris wanted to be home, that was it, no conspiracy, that easy.

So Troy has covered every spot he lost, Eagles doens't count because he still officially on the team. I would say we are probably better on D than before but tough to call until I see them play X this week. Van Laren is the "big" loss there but Levesque is the same size plus has a little more offense. Hobbs takes over easy for Crops, upgrade. Jordan Thomas has better size than Mainer but it might take him some time to adjust to the league. Stand Pat.

Upfront, Colin Martin could very well be a huge surprise offensively. In his first year he covers the points of Gallant and Scott combined. Leduc, provided Troy lets him on the team for sure, covers Eagles lost production and probably more. While we could very obviously use more offense, we actually got better.

Here is the rub. While Rantfather didn't come right out and say it, the men's program lost significant $$$$ from its budget. Troy has more to do with less. It has impacted what he is able to do and IMO a huge step back. The former Coach did not have this disadvantage, in comparison to other AUS teams, so it is amazing the current coach has kept things together as well as he has.

It is not coincidence that STU has a minimal exhibition schedule, it is a lack of funding. The part that scares me the most is I have been told that admin has imposed a roster limit on the team of 20 players. If that is the case (and I can't confirm that 100%) we have absolutely no room for error, injuries, and will need some really good luck in hopes of competing. Maybe something will change above but I certainly wish that our AD would stand the frig up and support the men's hockey team like he did when he was coach.

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