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09-30-2012, 10:48 AM
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Dean, from my understanding, the TV contracts for the NFL usually cover the cost of player salaries so everything else basically goes into the owners pocket. You're talking what, 10 games guaranteed a year at around 50-75,000 people per event. Now throw in part of parking and concessions and they're making a boatload.

The NHL, the Preds in particular, rely on gate revenue to pay their salaries. They get some money from the TV deals in place but that is not where the majority of the money comes to pay the players salaries. When you're a team relying on making the playoffs to break even for the year, the monies need to be split differently. How that happens is anybody's guess but hockey is never going to get the TV deal that the other leagues get so they have to figure out ways to make sure the league stays healthy financially. Not sure how they do it but the Preds have been pretty lucky to get some money from revenue sharing but also running the franchise properly by drafting well and developing players and not looking for a quick fix like a few of the big market teams that are out there.

I wonder if a business model would make sense that all the teams would/should follow. I also wonder if the salary cap needs to be a smaller gap as well to keep teams more competitive with one another. I just want hockey and for these guys to get in a room and work at it for days until it gets done.

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