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Originally Posted by E = CH² View Post
The problem I have with pulling for the owners is that in 05, they got everything they wanted. Made the players crawl back on their knees, take a 25% paycut, etc. Killed a season and the players hated coming back under these conditions.

Seven years later, you'd think we'd go on a strike because owners went too far in 05 and now the players want the pendulum to swing back toward the middle. Well nope, despite getting everything they wanted and making the players hate the deal, it's the owners who feel they can't go on like this anymore. So Bettman somehow got shafted in 05? And now the owners don't want to continue with the same CBA and are locking the players out ? Mmmm...

Seems like if you're going to force a deal down the throat of your employees and get everything you want, you can't cry about it 7 years later and go on lockout again. Maybe that's a simplistic way to look at it... but I can't help but feel that Bettman ****ed up 7 years ago.
Looking back now you're probably right..

When the last CBA was signed 7 years ago the players felt they had lost big time and were screwed over by the owners.. Jump ahead 7 years and that same CBA the players felt they lost big time on is suddenly good enough that they even offered to keep playing using the old one while a new CBA was being worked on. I guess the players realized that deal wasn't so bad after all.

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