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Originally Posted by Mr Kanadensisk View Post
that depends on your values and perspective
Except for China and North Korea, there are very few Communists anywhere anymore, so the argument is largely ancient and irrelevant. Its really more about the fact that training regimens that are scientific, thoroughly planned and executed, and specific, the kind of regimens that are typical of Olympic-oriented training, probably surpass the kind of training and conditioning typical of NA pro sports leagues. While paltry by NHL standards, Soviet star Olympic athletes were compensated 3 or 4 times better than the average Soviet citizen, so its not as if anybody had to put a gun to their heads. The bigger threat was that they might be dropped by the program and lose all of their perks.

It boggles my mind that NHL players who make 5 or 6 million dollars a year consider themselves abused because they have to play a seven month season, and then, if they make the playoffs, they might have to actually play a full eight months over the course of a year. The Soviets proved that players are capable of training all-out for eleven months a year - of course they are going to outlast players who have major gaps in their training over the course of a year.

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