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09-30-2012, 01:55 PM
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Originally Posted by AIREAYE View Post
If you have arch issues, I would give a footbed insert a try (highly recommend Superfeet Yellow for that) before considering new skates. For your next series of skate fitting trials, I would include this footbed (again, Superfeet if you can) as part of the fitting process. Customs probably won't be necessary at this point.

thedonger brings a good point; have you tried Nexus? Keep in mind that the 1000 and 800 fit differently, I would try the 800 first.

Have you tried the current CCM line?

Good tips I will buy the superfeet for my current skates this week, and try on nexus next time.

Edit- I am weary of CCM because I heard of breakdown issues.

One more question (sorry I am really stumped by these issues i'm having)...

I played Thursday after not playing for a week, my skates couldn't be less comfortable, I untied and re-tied them 4x to no avail, too tight or too loose in the wrong places. I had no power on my stride whatsoever and I was getting gassed.

Played next day (different rink) my skates were a little moist but they fit like a glove, I was tearing it up skating like my usual self. What gives???

Should I be wetting my skates if I have not skated in a while? This jeckyl and hyde fit of my skates is very perplexing and my game is a complete 180 depending on which fit shows up.

p.s. thanks for the help, it's so frustrating

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