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Legends Of Hockey Sim league

Don't know if any of you knew "What the Puck" Sim Hockey(probably not), but I was on that for quite awhile, and then it disbanded due to the site admin leaving for no reason in particular.

Anywho, we didn't just want the league we put so much time in to die, so we decided to create our own, and start from scratch. We named our league Legend's Hockey, and will be using NHL 13-onwards to do our seasons.

Essentially, you take the role of the GM of the team that you choose, and manage it like a normal GM would.

IE: You want to sign J.Jagr on FA Day 1. You send a message to the GM on the FA day of that particular season, and he inputs the offer into the game, and depending on what other teams offer, you may or may not get him. That's how it works. Same goes for trades, waives, etc.

You also take on the role of coach, setting strategies, lines, captains, etc. The league commisioner(the guy who runs the SIMS, etc.) will input all that into the game, and run the Sims on the game.

Our schedule runs on two sims a week, each being one week in the game. Stats and such are posted on the weekend. We have a playoffs each season, free agent signing period each season, and a draft once a season that corresponds with the real NHL's draft.

So, the way that works is: Around the time of the real NHL draft, we will have OUR draft. You will draft the same draft class that the real nhl is drafting, and your pick will be determined by the average spot you finish in over the course of an entire real NHL season.

Example: Lets say we do 6 seasons throughout the course of NHL 13. If you finish dead last for 3 of them, and win the cup for 3 of them, you'd likely end up with the 15th overall. This is a rough example, as I don't know EXACTLY how our old commish did it, but essentially the commish will average your rank in the standings each season and your draft positions will be handed out like that.

Players age in our league exactly like they do in real life, so they only get older once a year.

Our RFA rule is currently being discussed, simply due to the fact that it became a problem in our old league with guys stockpiling young rfa's and never having to do a thing except come on once in a while for FA and sign the few UFA's they needed to sign.

We use a spreadsheet to document your teams contracts, farm team, prospects and such so that won't be an issue.

All we ask is you log on once a day for 5 minutes to update your lines if they need it, check for trade offers, etc. Just be active like that and you'll fit in just fine.

Contact either Fearthemaskedman, Bigred, or myself on the forums to ask any questions. We've got a few open spots still available, as well as some Gm's that need replacing so you'll probably get your team.

When you join, drop us a line in the Introduce yourself thread, and right after that go to Team Signup and get your team. First come, first serve.

Here's the link:

Hope to see you there!

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