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09-30-2012, 06:34 PM
Fj Atkinson
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About Yourself
Name:Fiona-jayne atkinson
Age: 18
Location: Nottingham, England, UK
Origin of Screen Name: erm... My name lol

Hockey Background
Years Playing: played for 6 weeks when I was 11 and have recently got back into it, saving to join the vipers
Current Team: would be the vipers
Current League: would be woman league
Highest Level Played: EIHA level 1
Current Level: EIHA level 1
Position: not sure
Type of Player: the best I can be
Player You Emulate: the best one out there

Current Gear
Helmet: CCM (pinched from my cousin when he went off to the US of A)
Shoulders: Bauer
Elbows: Bauer
Shins: don't have any
Gloves: Franklin
Skates: CCM
Stick: I'm working on it

Hobbies: road cycling, reading, drilling, DIY
Movies: point break, streetdance3D (british film)
Music: rammstein, Tchaikovsky, pro green, plan B, tinnie tempah, laberinth
TV: HOUSE, Gavin & stacey, top gear, friends, QI. Foyle's war
Food: spaghetti carbonara, rabbit ragu
Drinks: IRN-BRU (made from girders)
Hockey Team: GMB Nottingham Panthers, Nottingham vipers or the american one with th penguin on the jersey
Hockey Player: don't know any

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