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09-30-2012, 06:46 PM
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My earlier "1-3" post was also before the fumble recovery by Vince. That post really should have read "1-3 if they keep making foolish mistakes like fumbling and shanking chipshots." Guaranteed 85% of us felt that way. Just glad they won now, I'll take being called out in this case because they won. I'd much rather that then call them losing and be part of the "i told you so" bunch because them being 1-3 and being right about it would suck.

Hell, I even called myself out-who cares. Those who didn't say it was over, or at least claim they felt that way-congratulations. You are now validated by all as true, unwavering fans no matter what. Hats off to you.

Not really aiming this at you either Mike, just people in general who are doing this today. It's all over Facebook (always a hilarious place for sports analysis), as well as my text messages. Lots of backtracking today from a lot of people claiming it was "OVAHHH".

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