Thread: It's A Mistake.
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12-06-2003, 08:17 AM
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this is gonna sound bad maybe... but i am just so sick and tired of all this that im starting to not *care* what we get back..... i used to be excited and thought how the trade will help the team and such, but i havent heard one rumor that has excited me since the frolov rumor.... pretty much every other rumor has has a PATHETIC return for comrie.... ill say that again.... PATHETIC.... i know all the reasons that we wont get good return for him (upcoming CBA, small center etc etc) ..... its just getting to the point that im *expecting* to get royally screwed on this deal (like we did on the weight deal)..... and isnt that sad?? we're prolly gonna get a worst return than we did for weight (nothing against reasoner, cause i like him a lot) even though comrie is ours and will go where we tell him to

lol, well that turned into a bit more of a rant than i expected it to.... i dont know anymore.... maybe we just hold onto comrie until the new CBA is figured out

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