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09-30-2012, 09:35 PM
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Originally Posted by jordan7hm View Post
Had some boneshaker on Friday (it was good), and also a honey mead made by (I believe) Trafalgar. The mead (which wasn't a pure mead, it had barley and hops in it) was ****ing fantastic. Not overly sweet, had a decent little bitterness to it, and it packed a kick (8.5%).
DAMN, that brings back memories.

Back in like 2000-2004 I used to manage staff at the National Capital Beer Festival (the old one that was on the City Hall grounds, not the new reincarnation of it), and we invited Trafalgar every year, and it was always the most popular tent because of the mead. By the end of the festival, they knew to bring tons of extra cases for the festival staff, we bought them out every year. I loved the old NCBF, because for about a month after every festival I'd have a full stock of mead. It never lasted long, though, because all my friends knew I had it too, and always seemed to "pop by" for a "quick drink".

But yeah: the Trafalgar meads are incredible.

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