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09-30-2012, 11:13 PM
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Doing MORE with Less!

Coach TROY RYAN is being asked to turn around the franchise and being given far less re$ource$ to do so as well as continue to carry TOO many over generous packages as paid by coach/A.D Eagles.

I personally corresponded with administrators of the day,who have since left about the situation and was told that STU could Not afford to compete with others in the AUS as Eagles had somehow convinced administration that it was neccessary to lavish obscene amounts on some players.
AS I had recruited many players under Coach MacAdam and personally.knew that it was NOT.necessary but required a sales job about the advantages of a STU education.

And now Coach Ryan is being penalized by current A/D Eagles who has downgraded the second coaching position and lopped.$50,000 from the budget and it is my understanding that Eagles DID NOTHING to defend thmens hockey situation which in deed be is entirely responsible for creating.

I will continue to call for the removal of this man from his position of A/D administrator as he should NEVER have been put in the position in the first place.

The man has neither appropriate background nor training and should be removed ASAP.

TROY RYAN is doing an EXCEPTIONAL job in spite of very trying conditions and I believe that corrective action must be taken after a THOROUGH investigation of"the Eagles Years"


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