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09-30-2012, 11:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Gooch View Post
That drove me nuts till I googled it and someone had a video. Basically you go the same exact way you went for the first quest you did in that area. I don't know how to do spoiler tags so I am being really vague. You know, the one where you were searching for the fire god. The kindling is basically going on in an area you've already been to.

As for playing multiplayer. I tried once on PC. I didnt have a mic hooked in and I don't think the person I was playing with either. I had horrendously bad latency which made it frustrating to try to shoot anything and the guy I was playing with just basically looted everything. I havent tried it since as the latency and ninja looting kept me away. I would be open to playing with someone who wants to work as a team and share weapons. Right now I got a lvl 16 zero and a lvl 7 lilith that I stopped playing once I realize they basically changed it big time from what they were in Borderlands 1.
Yeah I found it finally, was really annoying for a bit but once I got there I had to face palm. Same thing happened to me in multiplayer except my latency was fine. No communication and ninja loot, made it pretty lame IMO. I've got a level 15 commando and I'd be down for trying to get some co-op going. I've got a mic and good connection so maybe latency won't be an issue. PM me if interested, that goes for anyone really.

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