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10-01-2012, 12:50 AM
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Originally Posted by lazerbullet View Post
I find it amusing that some of you are so passionately defending one side or another. In the end it's you who are paying for all of this. No matter how players and owners divide the profits, it's you who pay the big bucks for tickets, cable, merch and so on.

In the end players get paid well. And they will get paid well even if they get 20% or whatever less. Same thing with the owners... good businessmen make money and if they can't make money, it's their own fault. So imho it's somewhat silly to protect any of the sides in this argument. You pay the bill in the end.
If the players win and only give up a small piece of the you think we will pay a little less for tickets? If the owners get their pound of you think we will pay a lot less for tickets? I don't. I won't be heading down to Detroit a couple times a year to line Illitch's pockets.

I've never seen a hockey labour dispute here in Canada greeted with such apathy. The owners really better be careful, We're not running back with an open wallet this time when the owners snap their fingers and say 'Game On'.

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