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Originally Posted by Stickchecked View Post
Having goals are good and this might sound trite, but you should just be enjoying the time on the ice, don't worry about what level you're at. I absolutely love ice skating. If not for my wonky groin, I'd skate far more often than I do now.

Having said that, one thing I remind myself during skating/hockey classes: Every drill is a chance to get better. You paid the money so don't "soft pedal" any of the drills. Focus on better form, technique, control, speed, whatever. No matter how well you can do a certain drill, you can be doing it better.

That will help speed your progression.
Yep, you're absolutly right there. The fun factor always comes first but I am a lot more focused than I used to be when I was younger. Setting goals is a great way to guide your energy and to have more succes in what you do. This improves the fun factor aswell.

Originally Posted by TrueBlue86 View Post
I'm 26 but I finally got back into to the gym this summer and also started training my legs, largely inspired for my new love for playing hockey.

I lost 20 points and it's ALOT easier to move and skate!

I feel your pain with the leg workouts ahah Make sure you try to rub out the lactic acid if it hurts too much and get some good protein in. Also, you sort of have to figure out how much your legs can tolerate without crippling you for a week. It's a challenge, I know. Legs are so easy to overwork I find...
I'm aiming to be 85 kg by the end of the year. I know for a fact that legtraining is a metabolism booster. Squatting is my favorite exercise. I allways make sure I take a proteinshake before and after the workouts. I think I'll lower the weight and increase the reps tomorrow.

Thanks everybody for the help !

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