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10-01-2012, 07:18 AM
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Yeah I haven't paid much attention until recently either. That's pretty much been my train of thought over the last couple of weeks/months. I knew it was looming but figured there was no way it would be a serious issue. The NFL's lockout came and went, and last year's NBA lockout didn't last too long either. The NBA was pretty screwed at the time and the sides seemed to be finding no common ground at all, so if they could resolve something I knew we wouldn't miss any time this year. Or would we?

Maybe it's just me being naive but I also figured there was no way the league would be stubborn enough to threaten the on-ice product and the fan support it gets, when both are at a very high level right now. But hey what do I know? I realize that hockey is a niche sport with a cult following more so than any other major sport in the US outside of soccer, but the NHL is quickly becoming a joke in the eyes of many. As if hockey isn't respected enough as it is, they go and pull this crap eight years or whatever after losing an entire season to another lockout, which followed another one in the 94-95 season, which followed a strike in 1992. Four labor issues in 20 freaking years. Way to go guys. Way to let the fans know you appreciate them.

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