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10-01-2012, 06:36 AM
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Originally Posted by Whydidijoin View Post
Yeah, look at Kulemin's worst year and Pacioretty's best year. That sounds fair.
Yeah, look at Kulemin's career and ignore the previous 123 games that Pacioretty played. That sounds fair.
Yeah, look at draft position from 5-6 years ago to determine the better player. That sounds fair.

Kulemin has all the skill that Pacioretty does. The only question is who can put it together on a consistent basis. Neither have proven that yet.

The only things we do know are that because Pacioretty is younger and has played fewer games (and therefore has an equal time-frame but a higher percentage of GP at a high level), the chance that he will find that consistency is slightly higher, while Kulemin is better defensively and in other areas of the game.

Last off-season, Kulemin was unquestionably the better player. Now this off-season, you all are saying Pacioretty is unquestionably the better player for doing the exact same thing Kulemin did the year before.

Just goes to show how neither are unquestionably better. Neither fan base wants to trade their player. Move on.
My god you are either stubborn or you're just a delusional Leafs fan who believes Kulemin is somehow on equal footing with Pacioretty as a player. His career .ppg and .gpg is still higher than Kulemin's, and that's while being three years younger. Also, Max has been especially remarkably consistent in the last two years (hint: when he made the nhl full time) despite almost being killed, battling through way more adversity than Kulemin will ever know. It's your boy Kulie that needs the lesson in consistency, we're just fine over here. Now stop comparing them.

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