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Originally Posted by Alycat View Post
Thank you for saying this.

I fully admit that I had them losing after the 2nd Buffalo TD. They absolutely stunk up the joint in the first half. The second half was beyond awesome. The I told you so crap is hilarious. Must be nice to have a crystal ball.
I thought they were cooked also at 21-7 and was getting ready to get my 'Excuse Book Out....anyone catch Brady sitting on the bench at the end of the game say to Welker 'we scored 45 points in this half'

As for the game- I can't believe I, and probably many others know more than the Buffalo coach and defensive coordinator about planning the Patriots.

What a horrible scheme or game plan.....going with a 4-1-6 against Brady and company. I guess with Mankins out Gailey figured he could get pressure with 4 rushers and Brady would get the ball out quick and he'd have a dime package of DB's to cover. wtf

really? if there is anything we have learned over time its play the Patriots with a base defense and DONT or RARELY blitz and hope you can get pressure with four guys or you have good coverage in the other seven.

Take Brady's freaking brain out of this and just make him execute or overthink- this sub package **** against him gives him a hardon Giselle couldn't handle. When he is on and can look at what you are giving him then forget it- which makes the Arizona Offensive coordinators comments all the more hilarious. And the Cardinals played a base because they have a good front 7.

The two best defenses in football are on the horizon SF and Houston. That should be interesting but with health the Patriots should be the ultimate match

Boomer the Rangers lover coming on WEEI in 5 minutes- great stuff

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