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05-09-2006, 10:44 AM
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I'm actually somewhat surprised this is even being talked about in the context it is.

I thought the hit was textbook, although the result was unfortunate.

The only thing I think is debateable is that it occured after the the Shark had moved the puck BUT in both Oiler/Shark games the ref's were turning a blind eye to a slight lapse between the puck moving and contact occuring. (for the guys that were suggesting 3 seconds had past prior to the hit I would suggest that you are slightly delusional)

Torres didn't leave his feet, he didn't throw an elbow and the only reason it was a head shot was because of the position the two players were in, which is a time honoured debate for many many hits through out the year. Was his head down? Was the elbow up and so on...

I do think Torres hit him with the intent to hurt him but that is different from hitting with the intent to injure him and that is what playoff hockey is about.

As unfortunate as it is, it happens.

If I was a fan of the player on the recieving end, I certainly wouldn't want it to happen but that is because of the injury factor not the play itself. Just like I didn't like the hit on Smyth in game one.

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