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10-01-2012, 10:23 AM
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Originally Posted by EverettMike View Post
Strawman alert!

I'm sure everyone was worried. I'm sure no one was confident they'd absolutely win.

But when you want to be the first to scream IT'S OVAH! then deal with being called out on it.

Or did you all hate Thornton's "Suck it Felger?" Of course not.

Also, wah.

The reactionary BS here sometimes is intolerable. I'm not sure if it's this whole "instant gratification" thing that people seem to have going on these days that leads to people flipping out with half the game left to play or not, but it's annoying as hell.

I was not happy being down at the half, but they dodged a bullet with the Wilfork fumble recovery and were getting the ball to start the 2nd half. When they went down two scores I was ticked, but I figured there was no way BUF could keep playing as sloppy as they were and NE would continue to let them off the hook. After some of the stuff I have seen Brady do in the past, was I supposed to be on the ledge with them down only 14 with 26 minutes left to play?

Much like the GDT's during the season, you have every right to go off the deep end before the game is over (even though it's not the smartest thing to do), but if the hometown boys come prepared to take your medicine.

That's the way it works.

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