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10-01-2012, 11:52 AM
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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
I think what you're trying to say is bigger muscles, not more muscles. We all have the same amount of muscles unless something went wrong physiologically.

But bigger does not always mean stronger. Someone that focuses on bodybuilding with isolated exercises, won't be stronger than someone following an olympic weightlifting or powerlifting training, yet he could be bigger.

It's not always as simple as bigger=stronger.

That being said, athletes do not train as bodybuilders. So, I agree, Eller is likely to be stronger.
What he's trying to say is that if person A's Bicep muscle is bigger than Person B's, than he can exert more power using that muscle. You can't dispute that. There are other factors that can come into play, but a bigger muscle means the potential to exert the strength using that muscle is greater

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