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Originally Posted by MTaylorJ1 View Post
Still not sure I love the situational offensive football they're playing. An example.

2nd offensive possession. Up 7-0. The defense had already forced a punt and intercepted a pass. The Pats are 3rd and 2 at the Buffalo 41, too long for a field goal, but not a great area of the field to be punting from either. At that point in the game, Ridley had run 3 times for 18 yards. Patriots pass and Brady throws an out pattern to Lloyd, incomplete. Punt follows. Why not run the ball there? To me with an offense as good as New England's, that's 4 down territory and you need to approach 3rd down thinking as much.

Then the possession after Buffalo ties it. The Patriots again are into Bills territory and Gostkowski has already missed a field goal, 3rd and 2 at the Bills 24. Ridley gets it to about 4th and a foot. On this drive, Ridley had been 5/31 and he's 8/49 on the game...yet another field goal attempt. Their two big backs (Ridley and Bolden) are 12/75...and they didn't think they could get a foot?

This happened in week 2 vs. Arizona as well. They had a 3rd and 2 at the Cardinals 28 in the 1st quarter, deep ball to Lloyd, incomplete, field goal.

Then 3rd and 2 at the Arizona 11. Woodhead (of all people) for no gain (when Ridley was 4/30 on the drive), field goal.

Also happened against Tennessee after they had closed to 21-10, 3rd and 2 at the Titans 40, incomplete pass to Lloyd (I don't remember the play itself, chances are it was another goofy out pattern), followed by a punt.

I could be mistaken, but when the offense used to be game efficient rather than explosive, didn't they tend to pound the ball in that area a lot more and take more chances just outside the red zone? Not even saying run the bull as much, but I feel as though 3rd and 2 used to be either shove it down your throat runs, or passing game as a running game get the ball in a WRs hands right away and let him beat one guy to the stick.
The one I didn't like was when they were up 28-21 and had just basically run the ball the entire length of the field. Bolden got a first at the BUF 4, and they try the PA pass to Gronk that nearly gets picked. The next play Bolden gets the handoff goes left and carries Gilmore into the EZ for the TD.

I was like WTF McD? If BUF had picked that, it would have still been 28-21 and the Bills would have had the ball at the 20 and momentum. I think that McDaniels tries to be a little too cute at times, but if those plays that you and I both cited had worked, would we be complaining or saying McD was a genius for mixing it up?

Fine line.

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