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10-01-2012, 11:08 AM
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I would land on the side that believes a lock-out will be beneficial to the Sabres. The benefit will not nearly be as beneficial as the last one.

If there are 30 teams. We can guess that 15 will get better and 15 will get worse. For every team loaded with young talent there are teams loaded with aging talent. Teams who have traded away young prospects to win now.

I believe that the Sabres are one of the top 10 in terms of young talent. So, it is safe to say the Sabres will improve more than about 20 other teams. With anywhere from 5-9 teams improving more than the Sabres.

Add to this that there is a chance that Buffalo can use it's financial resources more thoroughly via scouting that we could improve even more in next years draft/free agency.

With that combined I would argue that yes, the Sabres will benefit. Not like last time, but enough to see them into the playoffs that season.

EDIT: Also, the Sabres have the benefit of Rochester being close to Buffalo. I live in Denver. The Avs farm team is Erie. Logistically they will not even hold a candle to the time the coaches can spend working with youngsters.

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