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Originally Posted by GloryDaze4877 View Post
The one I didn't like was when they were up 28-21 and had just basically run the ball the entire length of the field. Bolden got a first at the BUF 4, and they try the PA pass to Gronk that nearly gets picked. The next play Bolden gets the handoff goes left and carries Gilmore into the EZ for the TD.

I was like WTF McD? If BUF had picked that, it would have still been 28-21 and the Bills would have had the ball at the 20 and momentum. I think that McDaniels tries to be a little too cute at times, but if those plays that you and I both cited had worked, would we be complaining or saying McD was a genius for mixing it up?

Fine line.
I wrote a WTF on that throw to my friend. Seriously WTF a fade, and both Gronk and (I think Fells) were in the same spot so there were 2 defenders in the area. I've always been more of a thought process over result type of person when evaluating this sort of thing. It's the reason I defended 4th and 2 (the decision to go for it), but hated the run up to the play (if you know you'll go for it on 4th and short here, why not run the ball on 3rd and 2?)

I haven't been able to find many examples through 4 games where they've been successful on 3rd and short by getting cute.

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