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Originally Posted by CanuckCity View Post

Ive noticed that for whatever reason people have a burning desire to watch all the replays. This is extremely irritating and it turns 20 minute game into a 25+ min game. Furthermore, generally when people make you watch every single replay they do it to piss you off, which in turn pisses the other guy off and just makes things messy. If you are eating, texting, whatever, do it BEFORE OR AFTER the game so i/we dont have to waste our time waiting around for you (not to mention it slows the pace/intensity of the game down). As for goals, you can watch them as many times as you want AFTER THE GAME. Trust me, i score a lot of goals i want to see again but out of respect for the other guy i wait till the end of the game. If its some crazy ass goal, fair enough, but they are few and far between. I think i can speak for most people on this topic (especially the more experienced chellers), so out of respect for the other player, please, skip the replays (intermissions are understandable).
Definitely agree it pisses me off so much too UNLESS the goal they scored is either funny or really really good then I don't mind watching!

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