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Originally Posted by preissingg View Post

A retrospective look at the Coyotes.
A very biased article that makes GWI look like a hero or "ninjas" as they stated. Also multiple accounting issues; they used a $16.2M as an annual payment to Jamison and tried to use the very flawed "Coyotes would lose $9 million a year even if they went to the Finals" article.

However, I am starting to see were the Casino plays in. They want to take over Glendale and they are shelling out cash to anyone on their side. So for GWI to be pushing for a "solution" for Glendale to sell the arena to Tohono O’Odham is laughable; in other news, GWI just saw a spike in donations from a certain group new Tucson....

Overall, I have never heard of the "Phoenix Magazine" until today. Since its an uncredited piece, I will say its dribble IMHO.

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