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10-01-2012, 01:33 PM
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Originally Posted by kemisti View Post
D would still be bad and/or we would probably have cap issues.
So deal Franzen for a defenseman, play Brunner on Dats' wing and Nyquist across from Hudler. Huds and Semin in the goal-scoring roles more than make up for the lack of Franzen. Furthermore, Bert would be on the first line due to Dats' preference and comfort level (a la Holmstrom), Cleary and Sammy would be the third-line flanks. Dealing Franzen puts Sammy (probably) on Z's right side. If Cleary returns to form, we probably see him in the spot I've slated as "Bert was signed for 2 years, about $2m per to be Dats' new 'I like this guy' winger."

Originally Posted by RedWings19405 View Post
If Nyquist does beat out guys in front of him, I would really like to see him with Datsyuk they had pretty decent chemistry in my opinion. In any event I think we need to put Z and Mule together. They look good with Sweden together when it happens, I have no understanding why we never seem to try it.

Nyquist - Datsyuk - Cleary/Sammy
Fil - Z - Mule
Bert - Helm -Cleary/Sammy
Miller/Eaves - Abdelkader - Tootoo/Mursak

Think Emmerton is hitting the waiver wire. Chances are they cannot stash Eaves on the IR to start the year. Although this is all pretty moot as I expect Nyquist to start in GR. Still want to see the Fil - Z - Mule line no matter what roster the Wings role out.
Bert is playing with Datsyuk. That's pretty much the end of it. Datsyuk likes playing with him, and he's useless in the bottom six. So despite being the worst forward who will be regularly dressed, Bert will play on the #1 line and get PP minutes. Sickening, really.

I think Eaves and possibly Miller also (but more likely Mursak) are traded. Excess bottom-six forwards are useful anywhere. Eaves is a third-liner who has a good shot, and Mursak still has decent potential. with Tootoo in town, Sheahan and Andersson ready or almost ready to jump... Eaves is being pushed out - probably first to go because of his deal.

Originally Posted by Winger98 View Post
We shouldn't have and I haven't seen anyone overly thrilled with him being re-signed.
Correct. Not only does it potentially harm prospect development, keeps a forward with very limited use and low talent level at a not insignificant cap hit, enough to prevent the Wings from re-signing Hudler or acquiring a comparable UFA forward.

Originally Posted by Frk It View Post
2nd line is way too stacked.
Not any more stacked than last year. Arguably less, as I personally feel Hudler outplayed Franzen given Hudler's significant PP point time. Also the fact that many expect Flip to regress offensively, and Franzen is likely to decline offensively from here on out.

Having those 3 on 1 line will probably give you a situation like last year where the 2nd line produces, and that's it. I think a Nyquist-Datsyuk-Franzen line would be a really good first line.
Franzen has produced much better in the past with Z than with Datsyuk. So either he's already declined considerably and Datsyuk is propping him up, or playing with Dats is a bad fit and he belongs with Z.

Then Fil-Z-Sammy works as a second line well, keeping Fil and Z's chemistry going from last year, with a righty winger who likes to shoot joining the mix.
I take it then that you won't be having Nyquist on the team? Or Brunner? I doubt either plays NHL if they aren't in the top six. Especially given that they wouldn't make better bottom-sixers than what we have. The only reasonable exceptions where they are on the team but outside the top six are if the third line is Cleary/Nyquist/Brunner, Brunner/Nyquist/Samuelsson, or even possibly Nyquist/Filppula/Brunner. But that's it. Putting Nyquist and/or Brunner with Helm on the third line is absolutely silly. Helm is a solid C, but he doesn't belong on a line that's clearly intended as a scoring line. At least not on the Wings as they are right now. That would leave the Wings with Abdelkader centering Tootoo and probably Bert (possibly Sammy).

And those 3rd and 4th lines are just nucking futs. Sign a guy to replace your departing top-six forward... and stick him on the fourth line in a checking role. Alternatively, extend a veteran whose only purpose is to provide size and net presence to the team's star center (the only time he ever looks like something other than dog poop) and put him on a checking line even though he's not terribly physical and is defensively a liability.

Line failures FTW!

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