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I'll reply to you Chomp simply as: grass isn't always greener.

TL : DR Version...

Do realize that protecting the ball is a skill not all teams have, not turning the ball over is trait teams would love to have. It sounds like what your suggesting is almost like what the Bears try, and do know that the niners don't exactly have that type of personnel. To his credit, he took plenty of chances when he had the QB who had the arm in Luck. That Orange Bowl showing vs. VT is still the best All 22 film I've ever seen from a college QB. Accuracy was nuts.

Harbaugh utilizes his personnel perfectly (for the most part) and does in a manner where he includes the majority of his roster. For example, Niners have 3 1st round picks in primarily run blocking maulers on their OLine, he's utilizing that personnel to the best of his abilities. I'm sure Harbaugh has 3, 7, 8 and 9 Routes littered in the playbook somewhere, possibly mixed with PA but why show it when you don't need to? Alex also has below average outside the numbers accuracy (missed 2 yesterday alone.) That and his accuracy with 3 step drop slants is still a big issue with him. I don't recall Smith ever being able to hit a 15yd 3 route in Utah or SF... ever. Saw tape of him in Helix High and I don't think they even had those in the playbook. Offtopic Brag: Our HS's Defense would've destroyed Bush/Smith if we ever met.

Harbaugh is by no means a perfect coach, IMO he could smoothen out the transition to a more open playbook should the Niners fall behind ie not completely going to his 3 Wide/TE Singleback formation and not staying with the run too long. Niners are definitely a different team when in the lead from when they are behind.

Harbaugh's R/P splits are almost 50/50 for his career. Last I checked his run distribution/type is just as varied. He's not calling 1st and Dive like Sing/Ray failures, there's plenty of variations in their running game. The Trap/Whams he embarrasses the Lions with annually is great (look for this vs. Campbell and AZ too.) Still don't understand how Schwartz still fails to adjust the Lions after a year of footage/time to adjust. There's a lot more to his offense than showtime football.

Appreciate this Niner D, they are young and could potentially have 00 Ravens result with a comparable QB. I'd trust them too. Not in the manner that you suggest though, play risky and "force" a TO, it simply just doesn't work like that. It's a formula that the Eagles have failed with time after time.

Ultimately, to answer your bolded. Harbaugh most definitely has seen what you suggested (though our personnel is vastly dif from NE.) Think... How many games have you watched where he's been outcoached? I can think of two: Minny 2012 Week 3 (might be outlier) and Dallas Week 2 2011. He's simply chosen a different, most likely more successful path for his team. Sans that Dallas game, I never really felt they played not to lose. It's a monstrous feeling to be able to run the football down a teams' throat, and quite deflating for the other team.

Niners might be boring on the surface. but look deeper into them, the little battles that they win every week is fun. Being the only defense in the NFL that can stop the run cold with 7 man boxes is awesome. Having Safeties that are so fast to react that they can give deep Cover 2 looks and still help on the run/shallow routes needs to be appreciated. The best 2 MLB's in the NFL, a DT/DE hybrid (all pro in two positions.) It's a matter of taste and i'm probably biased being a former defensive player, but this smash mouth football is great.


HUGE part of why Alex takes few to little chances deep outside is that most teams play Deep Cover 2 to guard against Davis up the Seam (a throw he's proven to hit.) This does two things, it forces his WRs to gain separation before safety can come over the top, and for Alex to hit the WR in that window. Manningham can create that separation, first WR SF's had recently that combines +Route Running and +Speed. CTree still struggles vs. Press and Bump coverages (getting better this year though.)

Baltimore, AZ and Pitt did this all game last year. Harbaugh adjusted by putting Davis outside (Wheel routes) the numbers and using CTree underneath. For whatever reason Alex is much more comfortable hitting Davis on fly's than anyone else. One example of a great adjustment Harbaugh made, paid great dividends vs. the heavy blitzing Gregg Williams/Saints D. Crabtree slant/sits behind blitzing LBs, Davis on a wheel/release if MaxProtect holds (worked vs. NYG too.) CTree carved up Detroit with 3 consecutive 1sts with a similar read just two weeks ago. Wish Alex hit CTree more whenever Minny sent Greenway on a blitz but Allen and co. were already on top of him.

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