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Originally Posted by naurutger View Post
A very biased article that makes GWI look like a hero or "ninjas" as they stated. Also multiple accounting issues; they used a $16.2M as an annual payment to Jamison and tried to use the very flawed "Coyotes would lose $9 million a year even if they went to the Finals" article.

However, I am starting to see were the Casino plays in. They want to take over Glendale and they are shelling out cash to anyone on their side. So for GWI to be pushing for a "solution" for Glendale to sell the arena to Tohono O’Odham is laughable; in other news, GWI just saw a spike in donations from a certain group new Tucson....

Overall, I have never heard of the "Phoenix Magazine" until today. Since its an uncredited piece, I will say its dribble IMHO.
If you want to know where the "best" of anything is (food, drink, theater, concerts, doctors, hospitals...) in the Valley, Phoenix Mag is the place to go. They also write some really nice fluff pieces on local businesses to promote shopping locally, along with travel tips on best places to visit in the state. And IIRC they also load it up with photos of the movers-and-shakers (primarily in Scottsdale) attending formal fund-raising events.

It's in the Food or Travel sections of magazine aisles for a reason.

I'm guessing based on the timing of this that "hockey mogul" Darcy Olsen spoon-fed this to PM. Just a gut feeling.

Darcy Olsen is a casual hockey fan at best. Mention the term “crease violation,” and she will think of poorly-ironed slacks, not an errant attacker who wanders too close to the goal. Blue lines? Laser skin therapy will take those out.

So how is it that was named the 64th most influential person in the sport by The Hockey News on the publication’s yearly power list? The answer: by slapping down the Coyotes’ best shot yet at finding an owner. As president of the Goldwater Institute, Olsen was instrumental in scuttling a Glendale-subsidized ownership deal between the NHL and Chicago businessman Matthew Hulsizer last summer. For her efforts, Olsen won the ire of Senator John McCain, NHL President Gary Bettman and any number of Arizona hockey fans. But the big-government watchdog is unapologetic, which is why she finds herself just behind future-Hall of Fame Detroit defenseman Nicklas Lidstrom on The Hockey News list.
PM also wrote this about GWI in 2009:

The Goldwater Institute is the conservative think tank created in his memory and his honor, and for mainstream conservatives, it’s the voice of reason and sanity. (OK, the right wing thinks it’s too liberal and the left wing thinks it’s too conservative, but for thinking people of all parties, this is an entity that actually does research and reasoning and doesn’t just mouth off without backing up what it’s saying.)
I hope no one is reading this Coyotes piece as anything more than the pathetically transparent and one-sided press release that it is

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