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10-01-2012, 03:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Faidh ar Rud Eigin View Post
That's like saying there's no proof or strong reasoning to suggest Connor McDavid will be better than Ryan Strome. It's not that projecting goalies is a crapshot, it's goalies have a lot more development to do then skaters, so they aren't safe picks.

Projectibility is all about what a player can do at the NHL level, and the only comparable goalie drafted since the lockout (2006 draft-present) is Andrey Vasilevski from the last draft. When talking before the 2010 draft, scouts talked about 3 players having franchise potential (That's probably expanded to 4 now with Skinner), Hall, Seguin, and Jack Campbell.

Gibson's been great and he's exceeded expectations but let's wait before saying he's better than Campbell just because he put up better stats in the OHL. Campbell looked pretty amazing when he went to the AHL last year, and he never had the benefit of playing for a strong defensive club.
Really? That first part is fairly nonsensical because McDavid has not yet given us anything at the OHL level in his NHL draft year to compare with Strome. It's a very poor example.

And on the latter part, I think I made it fairly clear that my opinion was not "just because he put up better stats in the OHL." At no point did I ever reference stats. I referenced the core skills and techniques that make for a strong goaltending prospect.

But I digress. There's not much point continuing this discussion. I feel Gibson is the stronger prospect and projects to be the better goaltender. And you don't. End of story.

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