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Originally Posted by fryer98 View Post
A case of 22s is only 12 bottles, if you didn't know, which go for $95-105 (from what I've heard). That means they're selling individual bottles for not much more than they are per beer in a case. The mark up per bottle here is about standard for bottle shops.

By the way, you can buy beer in a handful of grocery stores here now. Giant Eagle Market District actually has some of the best selections/prices in the area.
I'm well aware that a case is only 12 bottles. In Ohio, there isn't any discount for buying the case itself on beers like that so it's 8.99 a bottle or 108 a case for Pumking (this was at a wine/specialty store). Honestly, I've never seen a case of Pumking at a beer distributor anyway (although those aren't very popular here since we buy 12 packs and cases in grocery stores). Not many people are buying cases of 22 oz bottles so 13-15 is a huge markup compared to 9 dollars.

I wasn't aware that you could buy beer in groceries stores there now. How does that work? I know with the Whole Foods they just built in Wexford that they had to create a "pub" in the store so they could get around the alcohol laws and they sell six packs out of the pub. Is that similar to what you are referring to?

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